Nothing fancy in terms of clothing. Just some basic stuff I bought to keep me warm. I figured I'd better do it later than never when it was the end of February and full on winter.
Also, there's something about brunettes and red! I also love blondes wearing smarald.

Just took a break now from studying because I felt like I needed to post something!

Inspo #3

I probably will do this type of moodboard a weekly thing. I save pictures like crazy on my laptop and it would just make sense. I hope they inspire you! Also, I really like to use my photos too.

images via Chriselle Lim, Fashion Gone Rogue, Kristina Bazan, unknown.



I believe I've postponed enough posting these pictures haha. What I wore in the months of summer. Here's the roundup. Hope you like them!



I had to take on this trend to see my take on it. I actually tried on this bomber last December or so but left the store without buying it. It was in the middle of winter and the weather was harsh for this jacket!
But the last weekend I went into Zara and so this on some serious sale! The end haha.



I've been following fashion week shows via live streams on fashionweekonline.com, Instagram stories, Snapchat and Fashion Gone Rogue site.Here is my online inspiration in form of a collage. Editorials, fashion shows, old blog posts and also my image inspire me currently. These are my top picks at the moment.

Michael Kors,Yeezy Season5, Nicole Warne-Gary Pepper Girl, Chriselle Lim, and most definitely Rihanna's March Issue for Harpers Bazaar.
Most images are from Fashion Gone Rogue.

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